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 Summer Connections - Group Mentorship Services

Group skills development and enhancement services include training in communication, social skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving, decision-making, self-regulation, conflict resolution, and other specific needs of referrals.  Improving integration into and interactions within the community and other social networks.  Skills training may be provided by various methods, including; but not limited to modeling, monitoring, mentoring, supervision, assistance, and cuing. 


Many youth referred could benefit from social skills experiences.


This programming is very activity/recreational based.  Activities in the community may include: activities such as arts & crafts, educational activities, community service projects, cookouts, field trips, park days throughout the County, picnics, sporting activities, swimming, roller skating, team building activities and more.  Field trip highlights may include: Big Cat Rescue, County Fair, Fondy Sports Complex, Kalahari, Little Ammericka, Madison Zoo, Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, Wisconsin Dells Trip and more!

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