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Shelter Care is a short term residence for male and female youth ages 10-17 that are placed or made eligible for placement by Juvenile Court Judges, Commissioners or Court appointed Intake Workers (Child Protective Services or Juvenile Court Services). Shelter Care is staffed 24 hours a day / 365 days a year by trained care providers. In addition to providing around the clock supervision, the staff facilitate learning and recreational programs designed to develop positive social and daily living skills. They also provide support and care to residents while serving as examples of adult role models.

Shelter Care is a “non-secure” facility, but residents must have permission to come or go and their whereabouts are always closely monitored. Case managers approve outside passes or appointments. There are rules, expectations and schedules to follow and each resident is expected to fulfill their individual action plan. This often times will include school attendance, appointments with community service providers, family visitation and home passes.


Shelter Care provides for basic needs by offering nutritious meals, a place to sleep, adult supervision and family support, all in a structured and safe environment.

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