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Parent-Aide Mentoring


Parenting is one of the most rewarding, but yet one of the most difficult responsibilities that there is. For a task as challenging as parenting, one would hope children come with instruction books, but unfortunately they do not.


Parenting a child who is functioning well is difficult enough, but parenting a child who is struggling with problems is truly an uphill battle. Many parents of children with behavioral or emotional difficulties feel ashamed or guilty for their child’s difficulties. Most feel alone and aren’t sure who to turn to.


The parent support mentoring services at Family Youth Interaction are designed to provide guidance and support to parents of children having problems. Some of the parents receiving support have struggles of their own. Most are just overwhelmed by the challenge of dealing with extreme behaviors or intense emotions of their child. While no one person has all the answers to parenting questions, our Parent Mentors can help make sense out of the child’s behaviors and give practical guidelines and support to struggling parents.


Parent Mentors assist parents through positive role modeling, education and reinforcement of strengths already existing within the family. Parent Mentors develop and facilitate effective coping strategies using non-judgmental means. Family Youth Interaction has experience developing parental self-confidence and self-esteem, strengthening parenting skills, understanding realistic expectations based upon their child’s capabilities, improving problem-solving and individual coping skills, expanding social contacts and reducing isolation, enhancing home management skills and promoting contact with other resources in the community. A Parent Mentor will spend time in the family’s home observing the parent with their child(ren), and provide feedback and resources regarding parenting techniques. They will also be available to meet with the parent either at home or out in the community to provide ongoing support and information about parenting and other resources that are available.

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