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Coordinated Services Teams Initiative (CST)


Collaborative Wraparound Services: 


The Coordinated Services Team (CST) Initiative utilizes recognized teambuilding and wraparound values and philosophies.  This valuable team approach strives to provide an intensive individualized approach to bring the strengths of the family, community and existing supportive programming together to address family needs and work towards common goals.  


A dedicated team works with the family for an average of twelve to eighteen months to discover the strengths, establish goals, identify significant needs and develop strength-based options.  The CST Initiative provides a Collaborative Services Coordinator from Family Youth Interaction, offers a Parent Peer Specialist from Wisconsin Family Ties and an active team working together in an intensive wraparound fashion.  Additional supports that the family would like to include in this process such as social workers, family members, clergy, community members and school personnel are all brought together and added to the team.


Each family’s team will work together to consider a variety of actions in order to meet identified needs throughout a family’s involvement. 


In addition to the coordination of services and ongoing support provided to the family, the following services as well as others may be explored and facilitated when possible:


· 1:1 Mentoring


· Group Based Mentoring


· Job Skills Mentoring/Shadowing


· Community Service Opportunities


· Counseling


· Crisis Intervention and Prevention


· Family Activities/Recreational Opportunities


· Hard Goods


· Homework Helpers


· Incentives


· Medical & Dental Assistance


· Monthly Team Meetings


· Parent Support Mentoring


· Supervision Services


· Support Groups


· Transportation


We also maintain a library of books, videos and CD’s that may be of interest to you and your family.  These items may be checked out for one week at a time.  

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