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Family Youth Interaction has an active agreement through My Choice Wisconsin and other Family Care organizations to provide a number of services to consumers.  Please see your My Choice Care Manager for more details.  Through this agreement, we serve the following Counties served by My Choice Wisconsin:  Columbia, Dodge, Jefferson and Sauk Counties.  We are available to offer services in other Counties as well.


Family Care helps frail seniors and adults with disabilities manage their home and community-based long-term care services.  Members are part of a care team that includes the member, a nurse and a care manager.  Family members or others in the member's support network may also be a part of the team.


  • Care teams discuss your goals, assess your abilities and needs and name your long-term care outcomes;

  • The team creates a plan just for you that supports your long-term care outcomes that help you become as healthy and independent as possible;

  • The plan includes items in the Family Care benefit plan plus other natural supports that will help you achieve your outcomes;

  • Teams use the Resource Allocation Decision (RAD) process which looks at the most effective, yet cost-effective services, supports and community resources to support you;

  • Members access these services through My Choice Wisconsin's local provider network;

  • Members own natural and community supports, such as family, friends, neighbors and others should be an important part of the care plan;

  • The care manager and registered nurse should stay in contact with you to ensure all parts of the care plan are working and make changes, if needed.

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